10 Things You Shouldn’t Do On An Empty Stomach

The most enjoyable way to wake up is to have a cup of coffee. But

The most enjoyable way to wake up is to have a cup of coffee. But it turns out that some things are strictly forbidden to do on an empty stomach. Otherwise, they will cause severe health problems, take away the last strength, or empty your wallet. So what you should never do on an empty stomach, let’s find out in this article.

Things You Shouldn’t Do On An Empty Stomach

Experts believe that we are not able to think straight when our stomach is empty, so here are some things we should never do in such a state:

1. Buying Groceries

Hunger really makes us a different person. Interestingly, when on an empty stomach, people on an empty stomach do some things that they won’t do otherwise. Hunger also forces us to buy more food than we originally planned. And in addition to them, put in the basket non-food products that we do not need at all.

A study by the University of Minnesota, led by Alison Jing Xu, found that people who shop on an empty stomach spend on average 64% more than those who had time to refresh themselves. Moreover, the choice of buyers, oddly enough, concerns not only food but also things that they did not really need.

2. Consuming Alcohol

When alcohol is consumed on an empty stomach, intoxication occurs earlier as alcohol gets absorbed in the body faster. This is the reason many addicts prefer drinking alcohol on an empty stomach.

However, drinking alcohol in this way can irritate the stomach lining, which can lead to ulcers and gastritis. In addition, alcohol on an empty stomach can cause an increase in blood pressure. This is rather a serious condition for hypertensive patients as it may cause a heart attack or stroke.

Thus, you must never drink alcohol as many doctors recommend. However, if you find it difficult to abandon alcohol, there is no shame in getting assistance. The most effective way is through an inpatient alcohol rehab program; it is the best way to overcome addiction in a few weeks’ time.

3. Drinking Tea Or Coffee

Many people are addicted to delicious aromas of tea or coffee that would not come from the kitchen early in the morning. However, do not forget about the rule that you should first eat food, then have a hot drink. Having a cup of coffee (or tea) on an empty stomach stimulates the secretion of gastric juice.

An increase in stomach acidity can cause digestive problems, vomiting, or heartburn. In addition, coffee on an empty stomach without a subsequent meal contributes to the emergence of serotonin deficiency – scientists say. So hunger and bad mood always go hand in hand.

4. Chewing Bubble Gum

While chewing gum, the body does not rest. But it actively produces gastric juice, believing that a portion of food will soon arrive. When this does not happen, hydrochloric acid irritates the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract.

This, in turn, leads to the development of ulcers and gastritis. Chewing bubble gum on a full stomach can also make you feel worse. To prevent this from happening, never chew gum for more than 5-10 minutes.

5. Eating Sugar Loaded Foods

Eating sweets on an empty stomach is as bad as giving up food altogether. Foods loaded with sugar or sugar substitutes force the body to produce massive amounts of insulin, which is needed to bring blood glucose levels back to normal.

Constant surges in glucose can develop into hyperglycemia. This, in turn, leads to eye disease, kidney disease, and even heart attacks and strokes. Hence the conclusion is that you should eat dessert strictly after meals. Moreover, you should also take into account the total calorie content of the meal.

6. Taking Medications

Taking medications at the wrong time will not only decrease the effectiveness of treatment but it may also cause serious health and well-being problems. If the doctor does not insist on taking the pills before meals, you should not expose yourself to unnecessary risks.

 So, you should take aspirin, paracetamol, and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on an empty stomach. Ignoring this rule can lead to digestive problems and even cause stomach bleeding.

7. Exercising In The Gym

Some fitness activities allow you to work out on an empty stomach. As a rule, these are relaxing, light techniques, such as Pilates, yoga, stretching, and walking. But exercises that require immense power are strictly prohibited on an empty stomach.

Scientists have proven that contrary to popular belief, fasting before exercising does not lead to intense fat burning. But it only sabotages training, disabling performance, and increasing the risk of injury. In addition, a person may also lose muscle mass during a fasting workout.

8. Going On A Trip

It may be a pleasant experience to discover new countries on an empty stomach, but it is not safe for health. The fact is that when a person is hungry, he is more likely to get motion sickness. And then a trip in a car, a flight on an airplane, or a trip on a yacht will bring nothing but discomfort.

9. Resolving A Conflict

According to American scientists, when a person is hungry, he is less prone to self-control. This means that a neutral phrase during a conversation with loved ones, friends, or colleagues can become that trigger mechanism that will provoke a full-scale war.

If a difficult conversation is foreseen, it is worth going to it prepared after having a snack. It is even better to discuss the problem at the dinner. During a meal, you can find a compromise solution much faster.

10. Going To Bed

Scientists and nutritionists have long debunked the myth that sleeping on an empty stomach contributes to weight loss. Quite the opposite – it increases your chances of getting a fat pad around your belly. The craving for a snack and low blood glucose levels will interfere with sleep.

But even if this does not happen, sleep will be intermittent, superficial, and will not add strength. The next morning, a person will wake up broken, and throughout the day, he will be haunted by a feeling of hunger since a lack of sleep increases the hunger hormone in the body.

In this article, by an empty stomach, we meant when you are hungry for more than two hours. Avoid doing the above-mentioned things on an empty stomach to save your health, peace, and money.

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